Natalie Brown, our operations and client services manager

Natalie, who oversees our operations and client services, thrives on building and maintaining relationships.

She describes her role as "metaphorically wrapping her arms around clients to guide them through a myriad of decisions, obstacles and legalities."

Originally from the UK, Natalie's life experience includes several moves abroad in different countries, finally settling in Spain, so she knows everything there is to know about moving abroad. It's this deep understanding of the client journey that Natalie brings to her role. She delights in averting potential difficulties for clients, thanks to her own rich experiences.

It's safe to say that no two days are the same for Natalie - everything she does is completely bespoke and according to clients' needs. She says:

It's a job I love to the core. I'll never be bored. I've met so many great people and I'm still the first port of call for lots of them when they need help, even years on, after their initial move.

If we could sum Natalie up, we'd say she is our swan, calmly guiding and supporting clients with their once-in-a-lifetime dream of moving to Spain. Under the surface, as the analogy goes, the swan's feet paddle furiously to ensure the journey is totally smooth! Natalie is terrifyingly good at details, and throughout the client journey she works tirelessly to keep everyone involved on the same page.

Whether that's explaining local legalities, helping to obtain visas, connecting clients with legal advisors, getting quotes from builders for renovations, organising decorators, helping clients to buy furniture, or simply booking taxis, Natalie is always on hand to guide, support, facilitate or signpost to meet a client's needs.

Married to founder, Darren, Natalie has been immersed in real estate for the last two decades. She has kept up with developments in the sector, acting as a sounding board for Darren throughout his real estate career.

Natalie understands the vision families have when they make the decision to move abroad and that it can be a scary road to navigate. But, having been through the journey herself, she is genuinely invested in helping others to be able to enjoy every minute of their journey when relocating to Spain.

Natalie is very much in love with Spain and all that it has to offer, so she is a great advocate for people who want to learn more about how they will settle once they arrive at their new home. Natalie's attention to detail is phenomenal and her kind and caring nature shines through in everything she does.

She is our client services superstar!

Natalie Brown