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September Fiestas in Murcia and Cartagena

Posted by Maria on 06/09/2022

Fiestas in Murcia and Cartagena are starting this September. Micasamo Realty wants to show you a small guide so you can live an unforgettable experience and learn more about this region’s history.

Fiestas in Murcia: There are only a few days left until the Feria de Murcia begins to light up the city. 
The Feria de Murcia will take place from the 1st to the 13th of September with concerts, traditional activities and temporary open-air restaurants serving traditional food at a fantastic price. 

It’s a great opportunity to sample the city’s traditional dishes and learn a little more about its culture.

On the link below you can find a completed guide to all activities and locations

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Fiestas in Cartagena: Cartagineses y Romanos fiesta 
The Festival of the Carthaginians and Romans is an experience in itself. 

These festivities were declared of International Tourist Interest in 2017, which comes as no surprise. 

It is a vibrant festival where you can see parades of all the troops, a fair, craft market and visit the camp where all the soldiers relive the history of how the port city of Cartagena was founded. 

There will be different stages in the city centre where there will be theatrical performances and the great moments of the origin of the city of Cartagena will be recreated.

You can find more information at this link:

Micasamo Realty Team hopes that you have a great time at these fiestas.
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