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Great News for Home Buyers: ECB Interest Rate Cuts and the Growing Spanish Property Market

Living in Spain, News06/06/2024By Darren

In recent news, the European Central Bank (ECB) has made a significant move by reducing its primary interest rate from an all-time high of 4% to 3.75%. This decision, aligned with similar actions by other major economies like… read more

Living in Spain, News

ETIAS and the 90-day rule in Spain

Living in Spain, News19/02/2024By Darren

Navigating the ETIAS Certificate: Your Essential Guide to Seamless European Travel with Micasamo Realty At Micasamo Realty, we understand the importance of a safe and hassle-free travel experience, especially when exploring the enchanting regions of Costa Calida and… read more

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Fin Whale seen off the Costa Calida Coast

Living in Spain, Micasamo Out and About, News, Spanish lifestyle05/02/2024By Darren

In the enchanting coastal region of Aguilas, professional photography lenses captured a breathtaking spectacle on February 1 - a magnificent group of four fin whales gracing the azure waters as the sun dipped below the horizon. Renowned landscape,… read more


Why More Americans Are Choosing Spain for Real Estate Investments

News31/10/2023By Darren

"United for the Spanish Dream: Why More Americans Are Choosing Spain for Real Estate Investments" The world is constantly shifting, and our choices are a reflection of our aspirations. When it comes to real estate investments, it's not… read more

La Manga Club Resort, News

La Manga Club in the Press

La Manga Club Resort, News07/05/2023By Darren

I was delighted to read the recent press article by The Sun Newspaper :-) of all publications - Magnifico La Manga - that highlighted the world-renowned La Manga Club. As the General Manager of Micasamo Realty, I am… read more

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Seven Trends Predicted To Shape The Spanish Property Market In 2023

News, Spanish property28/02/2023By Maria

The Spanish property market is expected to remain strong. Here are the top seven trends predicted to shape the Spanish property market in 2023.

La Manga Club Resort, News

Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Resort will be the first Grand Hyatt in Mainland Spain

La Manga Club Resort, News10/01/2023By Maria

The Hyatt Corporation and Hesperia are planning to open a luxury resort in La Manga Club. The resort is scheduled to open in mid-2023, becoming the first Grand Hyatt in Mainland Spain. The Prince Felipe Hotel, a 5-star… read more

Living in Spain, News

Post-Brexit – Which Visa do I need to live in Spain?

Living in Spain, News18/11/2022By Maria

In this blog post, we answer that question by looking at the main options open to British nationals buying a property with the view to making Spain their permanent home. 


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