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Micasamo Out and About, Miscellaneous

The Importance of the Micasamo After-Sales Service

Micasamo Out and About, Miscellaneous09/01/2023By Maria

At Micasamo, our priority is to provide a first-class end-to-end service that doesn’t stop once you have signed the contracts for your new home in Spain. We believe it’s important to continue the client relationship based on the… read more

Micasamo Out and About

Out and About – Santa Rosalia Life Lake and Resort.

Micasamo Out and About12/09/2022By Maria

Out and about -  Micasamo Realty team invited to the Santa Rosalia Opening Beach Bar.  The Out and About today's section takes The Micasamo team to enjoy the inauguration of the idyllic Beach Bar located on the island… read more