ETIAS and the 90-day rule in Spain

Posted by Darren on 19/02/2024

Navigating the ETIAS Certificate: Your Essential Guide to Seamless European Travel with Micasamo Realty

At Micasamo Realty, we understand the importance of a safe and hassle-free travel experience, especially when exploring the enchanting regions of Costa Calida and Costa Blanca. That’s why we want to keep you well-informed about the upcoming changes in European travel regulations, specifically the introduction of the ETIAS certificate.

What is the ETIAS Certificate?

The ETIAS, or Travel Information and Authorisation System, is a newly implemented certificate by the European Union. Crafted with the goal of enhancing security across European borders, this digital travel authorisation ensures a smoother entry process for foreign citizens into the Schengen Area, including the picturesque destinations of Costa Calida and Costa Blanca, Spain

Why was it Created?

Approved by the European Parliament, the ETIAS certificate serves as an additional layer of security, aiding in the identification of potential threats and dangers. Micasamo Realty recognises the necessity of such measures to maintain the safety and well-being of those living, working, and visiting the European Union.

Who Needs the ETIAS?

If you’re a foreign citizen who does not require a tourist visa to enter the Schengen Area, the ETIAS is a must-have. While it adds an extra step to your travel plans, it ensures that you are well-informed about your eligibility to enter the region before booking your flight.

How to Apply for the ETIAS Certificate?

Fear not; the application process for the ETIAS certificate is swift, straightforward, and entirely online. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Micasamo Realty recommends starting with the official registration form provided by the European Union on their designated website, which is not yet available until introduction of the ETIAS.

Upon completion, applicants will receive a response via email, usually within minutes but possibly extending up to 48 hours in some cases. Once approved, remember to print the certificate and carry it alongside your passport to present to airline authorities before boarding.

Addressing Concerns: What if My Application is Rejected?

In the event of rejection, rest assured that the Central ETIAS Unit will provide reasons for the refusal. Applicants have the option to appeal, rectifying any missed information in their initial submission. Micasamo Realty recommends familiarising yourself with the specific appeal process based on your country of application.

Main Requirements for ETIAS Application

To successfully obtain the ETIAS certificate, applicants need to complete an online form, providing relevant personal information, passport details, a valid email address for certificate delivery, and a debit or credit card for fee payment.

Additionally, individuals will be required to answer safety and health-related questions, emphasising the importance of honesty throughout the application process.

When is the ETIAS Necessary?

Originally anticipated to be fully operational by 2021, the ETIAS implementation has faced delays, pushing the requirement deadline to May 2025. Micasamo Realty assures you that you need not worry about it just yet; the certificate will only become compulsory for entry into Spain when the official announcement is made.

Validity and Dual Nationality

Once approved, the ETIAS certificate is valid for three years or until the expiration of the passport used for application. For those with dual nationality, it’s crucial to note that the ETIAS permit cannot be transferred between passports. Micasamo Realty advises travellers to consistently use the same passport associated with their granted ETIAS permit to avoid entry denials.

In conclusion, as your trusted partner in real estate, Micasamo Realty emphasises the importance of staying informed about travel regulations to make your journey to Costa Calida and Costa Blanca as seamless as possible. For any legal advice or further clarification regarding the ETIAS process, feel free to reach out to our immigration lawyers. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities at Micasamo Realty – making your European adventure a secure and unforgettable experience.

Understanding ETIAS Travel Authorisation

As part of the comprehensive guide to the ETIAS certificate, it’s essential to delve into the intricacies of this travel authorisation system. The ETIAS travel authorisation serves as a mandatory entry requirement for individuals who are exempt from obtaining a visa when travelling to 30 European countries, including the coveted destinations of Costa Calida and Costa Blanca in wonderful Spain

Key Features of ETIAS Travel Authorisation

  • Linked to Passport: The ETIAS authorisation is intricately linked to the traveller’s passport. This means that the authorisation is specific to the passport used during the application process.
  • Validity Period: The ETIAS travel authorisation boasts a validity period of up to three years. However, its duration is also tied to the expiration date of the passport associated with the application. Whichever comes first—three years or passport expiry—determines the validity of the authorisation.
  • Renewal with Passport Renewal: In the event of obtaining a new passport, travellers are required to secure a new ETIAS travel authorisation. This emphasises the association between the authorisation and the specific passport details provided during the application process.

Access to European Countries

  • Short-Term Stays: Holding a valid ETIAS travel authorisation grants individuals the privilege of entering the territories of the designated European countries for short-term stays. Typically, this allows for stays of up to 90 days within any 180-day period.
  • Frequency of Entries: The authorisation permits multiple entries into the European countries covered by ETIAS, enabling travellers to visit as often as desired during the validity period.

Entry Conditions and Verification Process

  • No Guaranteed Entry: It’s crucial to note that possessing an ETIAS travel authorisation does not guarantee automatic entry into European countries. Upon arrival, travellers will undergo scrutiny by border guards to ensure compliance with entry conditions.
  • Document Verification: Border guards will request the presentation of the traveller’s passport and other relevant documents. The verification process is designed to confirm that the traveller meets the necessary entry criteria outlined by the respective European countries.

Understanding these aspects of the ETIAS travel authorisation system enhances the overall comprehension of its functionality. Travellers must be cognisant of the specific link between the authorisation and their passport, ensuring a seamless and secure entry process when embarking on their European ventures.


By: Darren Brown

Darren is the inspiration behind Micasamo Realty. As general manager, his role in the business revolves around overseeing day-to-day operations and making sure the business is performing according to its vision and goals.

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